As an art student in the late 60′s I acquired a Diploma in Art and Design (Fine Art) In the early 70′s I moved to London and tried unsuccessfully to juggle earning a living, creating artwork and living the life (Especially in relation to the music of the times)

This experience caused me to move back to Tunbridge Wells, my birthplace. Married and mortgaged with 3 sons led me to a career in the Print Finishing industry for 26 years – I foolishly believed that due to the shift work involved I would have to create artwork in my spare time and the art would eventually take over full time – WRONG!

I took on commissioned portraits during these years, which helped me technically but it was private surreal work which kept me almost sane!

During the years following the new millennium I decided to render personal interpretations of musicians and to complete a series of mostly ink drawings which entered many unpredictable areas which revealed themselves immediately after I was technically able to conceive them. During these times I felt that an original blend of each area was emerging.

In 2006 I fell ill Bacterial Meningitis losing my eyesight, most of my hearing and balance. Nine months in various hospitals and subsequent care and rehab have given me mobility – with some support – and Braille is of paramount importance to me.

The desire to create continues but ideas, their conception and the use of different materials and techniques to convey this without this has been a whole new game.

I would appreciate your feedback on my work. You can email me at art@forartssake.co.uk

Best wishes,

Arthur Ellis